Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Dip

BRING TO: potluck dinners; also great for game day parties

Prep time: 10 Min

Serves: 10-12

Make This Recipe With

Plain Bagel Crisps® find in store
Prep Time: 10 Min
Serves: 10-12


10 oz. cooked chicken or canned chunk chicken
8 oz. cream cheese
1 cup blue cheese salad dressing
1 cup buffalo sauce
optional celery sticks


This tangy dip has the flavors of buffalo chicken wings and creamy blue cheese. Great for parties and paired with New York Style Bagel Crisps it’s hearty enough to be a meal. Combine 10oz. of cooked chicken, an 8oz. package of cream cheese, 1 cup of blue cheese salad dressing and 1 cup of buffalo sauce. It’s great cold, or microwave it for a melty treat. You can use canned chunk chicken, or even leftover chicken breasts or rotisserie chicken. Garnish with celery sticks.