Trouble finding us in the store? We can help.


  • Deli Aisle Deli Aisle

    Your best bet at finding New York Style® snacks is in the deli aisle! So whether you’re picking up cold cuts or some potato salad, don’t forget to take us home too!

  • Cracker Aisle Cracker Aisle

    Aren’t pita chips and bagel chips completely different than crackers you say? Yes, but when it comes to finding us on shelf, sometimes we’re with the crackers as you can also eat us as a snack by ourselves or with a tasty topping!

  • Snack Aisle Snack Aisle

    It is rare that New York Style snacks will be with the general chips and pretzels, but sometimes in smaller retailers we can be found with all snacking items.

  • Specialty Snack Aisle Specialty Snack Aisle

    You can especially find our Panetini® brand in the specialty snack aisle as it’s a very special oven baked Italian toast!



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