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What’s in an “Everything” Bagel Crisp?

August 5, 2013

What’s in an “Everything” Bagel Crisp?

What’s in an “Everything” Bagel Crisp?

Most people who like a lot of flavor in their foods love the taste of an “everything” bagel or bagel crisp. So we decided to take a closer look and dissect New York Style’s Everything Bagel Crisp.


What does “Everything” include?


Sesame Seeds
Considered to be the oldest oilseed crop, sesame seeds have one of the highest oil contents of any seed. The sesame seed adds a nutty taste and a bit of crunch, which goes quite well in a bagel crisp. Sesame seeds are also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc.


Sesame seeds can be ground into a paste called tahini, which is combined with chickpeas in many types of hummus. So, if you’re a fan of sesame seeds, try our Everything Bagel Crisps dipped in hummus for a double dose of sesame.


Poppy Seeds
Poppy seeds are also an oilseed and have been around for thousands of years. These tiny, dark seeds have a nutty taste and are rich in magnesium, calcium and fiber. The seeds can be used as a spice or decorative garnish, and they can also be ground into paste to be used as a thickening agent or condiment.


Today, you’ll find poppy seeds in salad dressings and in many bread products.


Caraway Seeds
From the caraway plant, humans can consume caraway oil, fruit and seeds. Ancient superstitions said caraway had the power to prevent the theft of any object containing the seed and to keep lovers from losing interest in one another. We don’t know about that—we just like the taste!


Caraway seeds are related to fennel and cumin and taste peppery and like anise. They also have a slight citrusy flavor to them. Caraway seeds are popularly used to flavor rye bread—and, of course, everything bagels and bagel crisps.


Onion & Garlic
Onion and garlic are the ingredients most people already know about and commonly use in their kitchen. Both are known for their strong flavor and scent.


So, if you are someone who prefers bold flavor from your food, the Everything Bagel Crisp is the choice for you.