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The Anatomy of the Sweet Bagel Crisps

January 14, 2015


When it’s time for a snack, put down the cookies and cupcakes and try delicious sweet bagel crisps. Bagel crisps are not only an appetizing treat that can be made inexpensively at home, but they also make use of older, stale bagels so you don’t waste any food. Sweet bagel crisps are excellent for satisfying your sweet tooth, and they are a great alternative to snacks that are higher in fat and calories. Baked with sweet ingredients in each chip, this blend is terrific to pair with a morning coffee or after dinner treats.

Sweet Swirl Crisps

Sweet bagel crisps are made from bagels that are sweetened with sugars, chocolate and spices prior to baking. Your result is a round little crisp that is big on sweet flavor and taste. While there are several types of bagel crisps available in stores, nothing quite hits the spot like New York Style’s Sweet Swirls. This type of crisp is a decadent dessert snack that is wonderful any moment of the day. While bagel crisps are amazing plain, many people opt to quench their sweet tooth with flavors that are truly unlike any other. Light and airy, bagel crisps yield the perfect level of sweetness with just the right amount of crunch.

Perfect Toppings

There is no right or wrong way to top sweet bagel crisps. Try out different flavors to accompany your treat. This will allow you to add flavor to an already sweetened crisp. Cream cheese and strawberries, or just a simple spread of your favorite jam is a great way to enhance the taste.

Dips for Sweet Bagel Chips

Bagel crisps can be enjoyed right out of the bag, but adding a dip is an excellent way to create a heartier and filling snack. The best dips for sweet bagel chips are made with yogurt to add a flavor that complements the sweetness of the spices. Yogurt can be mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and even mashed fruit like berries and apples to enhance each bagel crisp.

The great thing about sweet bagel crisps is that they can be completely personalized to fit anyone’s tastes. With experimentation in the kitchen, you’re sure to find awesome ways to create your own delicious recipes.