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Halloween Party Food for All Ages

October 30, 2014


When the temperatures begin to drop and fall is in the air, there is a particular event that adults and kids of all ages look forward to – Halloween! This Halloween, invite your family and friends over to your house for a family-friendly Halloween party that is full of surprises, fun, and excellent food. For your event you can try these easy appetizers and snacks that are sure to please your crowd.

Take a plain old veggie tray and make it more festive by creating a pumpkin face. All you need is carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and ranch dressing to make this adorable appetizer that’s delicious and nutritious. You can cut your own veggies or purchase a pre-made tray and modify it to make it more festive for Halloween. Simply use baby carrots to create the shape of a pumpkin, add broccoli to the top to form the stem, and use sliced cucumbers for the grinning mouth. Lastly, use two cups of ranch dipping sauce to make the eyes of a friendly jack-o-lantern.

Turn a traditional cheese ball into a fun fall treat by forming it into the shape of a pumpkin. Use a pre-made or homemade cheeseball to create the shape of a pumpkin. Then put a hard pretzel stick or bread stick through the center to form the stem, and add a little parsley to finish the look. This snack goes wonderfully with crackers.

Want a creepy treat that is sure to make the kids scream? Use deviled eggs to make spooky eyeballs. Simply color your deviled egg filling with green food coloring and add a stuffed olive in the center to make the iris of the eye. For an extra scary addition use red food coloring to create a bloodshot look. This treat is perfect for any Halloween party.

Two simple Halloween party appetizers are wings and ribs. You can purchase these pre-cooked or find some that are easy to heat up at home at your local grocery store. Slather your ribs and wings with barbecue sauce before serving. Label the wings as ‘vampire bat wings’ and place the ribs in a bucket labeled ‘bucket of bones’ to make these common party appetizers Halloween-appropriate.

For dessert, serve your guests worms and dirt. Simply fill parfait cups with crushed Oreos and chocolate pudding. Then decorate accordingly with gummy worms. This sweet treat is sure to be a hit at your upcoming Halloween bash.
No matter what you choose to do for your Halloween party, make sure you get creative so your gathering will be the talk of the town for months to come.