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Food Truck Dining- Great Way to Try New Cuisine

December 5, 2014

Gourmet Grilled All Beef Hots Dogs

Eating food that comes from a truck may seem bizarre, but people that have eaten from a food truck can tell you that it may just be some of the best food around. Food trucks are located at job sites, city streets, and other locations all around the country. You can indulge in different types of cuisine from all around the world from these transportable restaurants.

If you love Mexican food, you will enjoy dining on tacos from a food truck, commonly referred to as street tacos. Unlike Tex-Mex versions that are loaded down with ingredients that can be overwhelming, street tacos are simple yet delicious. Most street tacos are made using corn tortillas and filled with seasoned meat and fresh cheese. Additional toppings may be available, but these tacos are flavorful enough on their own without needing any extra ingredients.

If you enjoy Italian food, delicious pizza can be purchased at many food trucks. Each city that has a pizza food truck puts its own spin on the pies they serve. For example, trucks throughout New York City serve delicious New York-style pizza that comes in large slices and has a thin crust. Some New York City trucks may also sell Sicilian-style pizza that has a thicker, fluffier crust.

The great taste of pork can be enjoyed from food trucks that specialize in barbecue. These trucks are predominately found in the southern states. Barbecue pork, chicken, and beef that are perfectly seasoned and coated in tasty barbecue sauce make a great dish.

Anyone that loves an appetizing burger can find some of the best served from food trucks. Many food trucks are equipped with everything needed to create the perfect burger. Get a hot, fresh burger that’s made to order with your favorite toppings. Condiments and fresh vegetables are available right from the back of a food truck. Don’t forget the chips or fries, as well as a refreshing drink to create the perfect meal.

Hotdogs are a very popular choice at food trucks and food carts all around the country. Hotdogs are not only tasty, but they’re easy to eat on the go while you are sightseeing around the city. Get a hotdog loaded with your favorite ingredients, including relish, sauerkraut, and plenty of tangy mustard.

If you enjoy cuisine from the Middle East, falafel is conveniently served in food trucks all around the United States. Falafel is made from fava beans, chick peas, or a combination of the two and served in a pita. It is easy to carry around and is a wonderful option for your next meal.

Next time you pass a food truck, stop and see what it has to offer. You may experience some of the best food you will ever taste. Pick your old favorite or find something new today from your local food truck.