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New York Traditions and Customs

January 28, 2015

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Anyone that has ever dined in New York will understand how diverse the selection of food is there. New York is known and loved for its cuisine because dishes from all around the world can be easily found. Many of the most famous New York eateries offer a variety of different foods from around the world, often with the chef’s own personal twist for a truly unique eating experience. Italian food, Mexican food, Dominican food, and Puerto Rican food are just a few of the types of food that can be discovered. However, New York is also known for being the origin for many popular foods that we enjoy all throughout the country.

One of the most well-known foods found throughout the city is New York-style pizza. This pizza features a delicious thin crust and large slices that can be easily folded and enjoyed. New York-style pizza is loaded with fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella and can be topped with a variety of meats and veggies. Authentic New York-style pizza is often replicated in other parts of the country, although many agree that there is nothing better than the real thing found in the city.

Waldorf salad is another food that debuted in New York. This salad is a mixture of apples, celery, and walnuts mixed with mayo and served on top of lettuce. Waldorf salad is offered in many restaurants around New York as a starter for a meal. It is also frequently seen at parties.

Although hot dogs are originally from Germany, their first appearance in the United States took place in New York. Hot dogs in New York can be purchased at a variety of eateries or food stands. They are best when loaded with mustard, relish, and sauerkraut.

What’s a meal without dessert? When dining in the city, indulge in New York-style cheesecake. This type of cheesecake is smooth, creamy, and denser than other versions of cheesecake. Although it can be served plain, it is also appetizing when topped with cherries, strawberries, or other ingredients that enhance the flavor. Most New York-style cheesecakes are baked twice to give them their delicious texture and flavor.

When dining in New York, there are a variety of different traditional foods from which to choose. You can easily sample tastes from all over the world in every meal, as well as the classic dishes that New York has become known for. New York is truly a dream for any foodie that loves having something completely different for each day. Whether you’re a resident or just a visitor, make sure to experience all of the different foods that New York has to offer.

5 Hearty Party Dips That Require More Than a Simple Chip

January 22, 2015


No party would be complete without a table of amazing dips that give your guests a variety of tastes. When you start preparing for your next party, don’t go with the same old runny party dips. Instead create dips that will give your guests a reason to use hearty breads and thick crusty toasts instead of greasy, frail potato chips.

Spinach artichoke dip is a wonderfully warm, hearty dip on a cool day. Having people over for the game? Whisk together cream cheese, sour cream, and a packet of chopped spinach and a jar of loosely chopped artichoke hearts. Mix well and add your favorite cheese on top, such as parmesan. Then simply spoon the mixture into an oven safe dish and bake in a 400-degree oven for 15 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown. With a dip this hearty, you’ll need a sturdy accompaniment. New York Style’s Pita Chips are a terrific option. Light, airy and with a hint of salt, the chip will give you the perfect method of scooping, without taking away from your delicious dip.

Another great dip for a party is bacon cheddar cream cheese dip. Make this hearty dip by combining cream cheese, bacon, mayo, dill weed, and shredded cheddar cheese. Cream cheese dips are thick, filling, and just right for piling on bagel crisps or pita chips.

Looking for something with a bit of flair? Black bean dip can spice up your appetizer table. Take one can of black beans and rinse. The beans should be slightly mashed until they are at a paste-like consistency. Add onion, minced garlic, a teaspoon of cumin or chili powder and 3 teaspoons of olive oil. Mix well and serve with bread or pita.

Taco dip or 7 layer dip is always welcome at a party. Awesome with bagel chips or breads, this dip layers boasts layers of delicious ingredients that turn into one hearty dip. Start your dip tray or bowl with a thick layer of refried or black beans followed by taco seasoned ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes, and black olives. Set to chill overnight, and you’ll have a dip ready to serve in the morning.

If you want a sweeter taste, try using New York Style’s Sweet Swirls as your base. These are sweet, satisfying, and offer a tasty addition to any party table. There are many dip recipes available to use with sweet bagel crisps, including a strawberry cream dip. This dip contains just three ingredients and is simple to make. You can make a dip that is perfect to top off your bagel crisps using just pureed strawberries, marshmallow fluff, and cream cheese.

The Anatomy of the Sweet Bagel Crisps

January 14, 2015


When it’s time for a snack, put down the cookies and cupcakes and try delicious sweet bagel crisps. Bagel crisps are not only an appetizing treat that can be made inexpensively at home, but they also make use of older, stale bagels so you don’t waste any food. Sweet bagel crisps are excellent for satisfying your sweet tooth, and they are a great alternative to snacks that are higher in fat and calories. Baked with sweet ingredients in each chip, this blend is terrific to pair with a morning coffee or after dinner treats.

Sweet Swirl Crisps

Sweet bagel crisps are made from bagels that are sweetened with sugars, chocolate and spices prior to baking. Your result is a round little crisp that is big on sweet flavor and taste. While there are several types of bagel crisps available in stores, nothing quite hits the spot like New York Style’s Sweet Swirls. This type of crisp is a decadent dessert snack that is wonderful any moment of the day. While bagel crisps are amazing plain, many people opt to quench their sweet tooth with flavors that are truly unlike any other. Light and airy, bagel crisps yield the perfect level of sweetness with just the right amount of crunch.

Perfect Toppings

There is no right or wrong way to top sweet bagel crisps. Try out different flavors to accompany your treat. This will allow you to add flavor to an already sweetened crisp. Cream cheese and strawberries, or just a simple spread of your favorite jam is a great way to enhance the taste.

Dips for Sweet Bagel Chips

Bagel crisps can be enjoyed right out of the bag, but adding a dip is an excellent way to create a heartier and filling snack. The best dips for sweet bagel chips are made with yogurt to add a flavor that complements the sweetness of the spices. Yogurt can be mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and even mashed fruit like berries and apples to enhance each bagel crisp.

The great thing about sweet bagel crisps is that they can be completely personalized to fit anyone’s tastes. With experimentation in the kitchen, you’re sure to find awesome ways to create your own delicious recipes.

Perfect Snacks for Your Next Airplane Trip

January 7, 2015


Airplanes are the best way to travel to a new country, meet an important client or reunite with family and friends. However, finding a solution to snack foods that keeps costs at a minimum is not always easy. This is especially true if you are traveling with kids. Get prepared before your next flight with snack foods that will stay fresh and help you arrive at your destination with happy, satisfied travelers.

New York Style Bagel Crisps are a great snack food item for a plane ride. Crispy and flavorful, the snack bag is even the perfect size to fit a carry-on bag. Bagel crisps won’t spoil and with 5 unique flavors to choose from, your taste buds will not be bored.

Fruit leathers are a sweet snack that can help squash cravings and tide you over until the plane lands at your destination. Fruit leathers are extremely thin and compact. They can literally slip right into your back pocket. Most varieties are individually packed, so you don’t have to purchase a large box before your travels. Choose from an array of flavors or make your own fruit leathers at home.

Trail mix is an easy treat that is a cinch to put together. Simply combine your choice of nuts, raisins and granola to make a snack that will help keep you full and boost your energy.

Dried fruit is a wonderful alternative to fresh fruit while traveling. Dried fruit offers benefits of fresh fruit without the hassle of worrying about bruising your snack. Pair dried cranberries with raisins, dried pineapple and other tropical fruits for a quick pick me up before landing.

Traveling as a family can be fun and exciting, but finding convenient snacks at the airport or on a plane can be near to impossible. Plan ahead by creating the ultimate snack kit that incorporates everyone’s favorite snack in one convenient reusable box. Using a slotted plastic container allows you to have snacks at your fingertips throughout the flight. Mix and match favorites that pair well together like dried cranberries and granola, bagel chips and spreadable cheese squares, or nuts and chocolate chips. You and your fellow travelers will be happy that you planned ahead.

How to Start a Wine Tasting Club with Friends

December 30, 2014


If you are looking for a unique way to spend time with friends and loved ones, starting a wine club is an excellent idea. A wine club allows you to bond with your pals while sampling different varieties of wine. Instead of spending a fortune visiting local vineyards and wineries, use your home and the homes of your club members to sample some of the finest wines from all around the world.

To get started, make a list of the members of your wine club. You can begin your club with 4 to 6 members and add more members as your club is established. The best wine clubs typically have no more than 12 to 14 members.

Since you are starting the wine club, the first meeting should be held at your home. Send out invitations using an online party planning tool so that guests can plan to attend far in advance. At your first meeting, you can establish a schedule that works for everyone. Most wine clubs meet once a month, although you may choose to meet more or less depending upon the schedules of your members.

There are several ways that you can obtain the wine for your meeting. You can get a rough estimate of the cost of different wines and split the cost between members with monthly dues. The average bottle of wine costs around $10. You can discuss a monthly budget with your other members, and even appoint a treasurer if you feel it is necessary.

You can also allow each member or couple of the group to choose a bottle of wine to bring. As you sample each wine, people can record notes and scores on the scorecard, and a winner can be determined at the end of the night.

When hosting a wine club meeting, it is also important to have refreshments. You can select appetizers that pair perfectly with different types of wines, or you can serve a full meal if your budget allows.

Once you have established the rules, dues, and responsibilities of your club, you can assign another member to hold the next meeting at his or her house. Each member can host a wine tasting and serve refreshments to the other members of the club.

There are no set guidelines for starting a wine tasting club. Instead of focusing on all of the rules, make sure that you keep it fun for everyone and something that every member looks forward to.

How to Create a Delicious Brunch Menu

December 26, 2014


There are a few tips to keep in mind so you can ensure that everything goes smoothly when planning your perfect brunch menu. Whether you’re hosting friends, entertaining family from out of town, or for no reason at all you can provide everyone with tasty mid day treats.

Plan for your party size: If you are hosting a large gathering and doing all of the cooking yourself, it’s best to stick with dishes that feed many people and are quick and easy to prepare. For example, breakfast casseroles are easy to make and can feed a decent amount of people. Breakfast casseroles can be personalized with a variety of different ingredients, including eggs, sausage, bacon, or ham, vegetables, and melted cheese. Put a twist on the traditional bagel and lox by using New York Style Bagel Chips instead of classic bagels. Simple scrambled eggs are also a terrific menu item for your next brunch.

Perfect Bacon Always Wins: If you plan on making breakfast meat like bacon, you can cook larger portions in the oven. If you line your baking sheets with foil, cleaning up is a breeze. Bacon can be served as a side and it can be put on toast, croissants, or another type of bread.

Something Sweet: Waffles also make a wonderful brunch idea. You can easily make waffles for your family with a waffle iron. If you are hosting a large gathering, set up a waffle station for guests to create their own waffle dishes. Simply portion out waffle mix into small plastic cups, have a waffle iron handy, and make sure to provide lots of toppings. Include butter, syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. If you don’t plan on serving waffles, serve bread like toast, biscuits, or bagels.

Classics: Pastries and coffee cakes make appetizing choices as well. You can make your own the night before, or you can purchase pre-packaged versions that can be heated before serving.

Beverages: Finally, make sure you have several beverage options. Orange juice, milk, and plenty of hot coffee are great beverages to serve with your brunch. For adult guests, you can offer delicious mimosas.

If you’re planning a brunch, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. You can pick and combine your own special recipes to use for your meal. The most important thing to remember when planning your menu is to include an array of options that everyone can enjoy.

How the Panetini Changed the Face of Hors D’oeuvres

December 15, 2014


If you’ve never heard of panetini, you’re missing out on a great food. Panetini has changed the face of hors d’oeuvres because it cuts down on prep time in the kitchen and tastes wonderful. It easily replaces oven-baked bread, so it significantly minimizes baking needs in the kitchen. You won’t have to worry about buying the right type of bread, cutting, or baking it. Every panetini is perfectly portioned, baked, and ready to serve right out of the package. If you’re providing for many people, this can help you save a lot of time in the kitchen while also keeping your guests full and satisfied.

New York Style Panetini is a brand of delicious oven baked Italian toast that makes the perfect appetizer before your meal. It can even be served as hors d’oeuvres at your next party or event. Panetini was created to replicate the taste of delicious, fresh artisan breads served in the finest Italian eateries in New York. Many people agree that the New York Style Panetini taste is out of this world because it’s made with only the best and freshest ingredients.

Panetini Italian Toast is baked twice and then coated with spices, so it always has great flavor. Panetini flavors include Three Cheese, Garlic Parmesan, Roasted Garlic, and plain. It can be eaten right out of the package or it can be served with a variety of different toppings.

Bruschetta is a popular appetizer to make with Panetini before a homemade Italian meal. Dips, cheese, and spreads can also be put on a panetini. There is no right or wrong way to serve panetini, just make sure to have plenty of options available so that everyone can find something that they will love.

Don’t spend long hours baking during your next meal or party. Instead, spend quality time with your family or guests while still serving delicious food by using panetini as your hors d’oeuvres.

Food Truck Dining- Great Way to Try New Cuisine

December 5, 2014

Gourmet Grilled All Beef Hots Dogs

Eating food that comes from a truck may seem bizarre, but people that have eaten from a food truck can tell you that it may just be some of the best food around. Food trucks are located at job sites, city streets, and other locations all around the country. You can indulge in different types of cuisine from all around the world from these transportable restaurants.

If you love Mexican food, you will enjoy dining on tacos from a food truck, commonly referred to as street tacos. Unlike Tex-Mex versions that are loaded down with ingredients that can be overwhelming, street tacos are simple yet delicious. Most street tacos are made using corn tortillas and filled with seasoned meat and fresh cheese. Additional toppings may be available, but these tacos are flavorful enough on their own without needing any extra ingredients.

If you enjoy Italian food, delicious pizza can be purchased at many food trucks. Each city that has a pizza food truck puts its own spin on the pies they serve. For example, trucks throughout New York City serve delicious New York-style pizza that comes in large slices and has a thin crust. Some New York City trucks may also sell Sicilian-style pizza that has a thicker, fluffier crust.

The great taste of pork can be enjoyed from food trucks that specialize in barbecue. These trucks are predominately found in the southern states. Barbecue pork, chicken, and beef that are perfectly seasoned and coated in tasty barbecue sauce make a great dish.

Anyone that loves an appetizing burger can find some of the best served from food trucks. Many food trucks are equipped with everything needed to create the perfect burger. Get a hot, fresh burger that’s made to order with your favorite toppings. Condiments and fresh vegetables are available right from the back of a food truck. Don’t forget the chips or fries, as well as a refreshing drink to create the perfect meal.

Hotdogs are a very popular choice at food trucks and food carts all around the country. Hotdogs are not only tasty, but they’re easy to eat on the go while you are sightseeing around the city. Get a hotdog loaded with your favorite ingredients, including relish, sauerkraut, and plenty of tangy mustard.

If you enjoy cuisine from the Middle East, falafel is conveniently served in food trucks all around the United States. Falafel is made from fava beans, chick peas, or a combination of the two and served in a pita. It is easy to carry around and is a wonderful option for your next meal.

Next time you pass a food truck, stop and see what it has to offer. You may experience some of the best food you will ever taste. Pick your old favorite or find something new today from your local food truck.

Food Science for Kids- Experimental Kitchen Fun

November 26, 2014


When it comes to cooking, it always involves chemistry, biology and even math. The kitchen is a mecca of education that will fascinate your children given the right instruction. Fun experiments create lasting memories and provide added fun for lazy or rainy days.

Corncob fireworks                                          

The way popcorn is created from a simple kernel is fascinating. We have already packaged microwave popcorn, but this analysis explains exactly how the popcorn transforms from a kernel. Place a corn cob into a paper bag and microwave until the fireworks begin. As the kernels begin to pop, talk to your children about the chemical reaction that happens in popcorn that causes it to transform. Each kernel contains just the precise amount of water that comes to a boiling point in the microwave. This causes the kernel to explode resulting in perfect popcorn every time. Once the popping slows to just a few pops over several second, stop the microwave and remove the bag to display your creation.

Eating the earth

What could be more fun than teaching your children about the layers of the earth then making it edible? While a variety of ingredients can be used for this edible experiment, puffed rice treats make for the perfect core. If you are feeling particularly brave you can make a full earth, otherwise just a slice will do. Begin with the molten core by adding red food coloring to your puffed rice treats. Next, form a layer of the outer core using orange food coloring to show the variance of heat. The traditional color of puffed rice treats is excellent for producing earth’s mantle. The earth’s crust can be correctly portrayed by using chocolate puffed rice or by adding a layer of chocolate icing. Complete your experiment with frosting that depicts the earth’s oceans and countries. Now the fun begins! Slice into your edible earth and experience all the layers of the earth. Talk to your children about how each part and layer is essential to the way earth was formed.

Plastic bag ice cream

Does your child know that they can make their own ice cream with a few ingredients found in most homes? This experiment is not only delicious but gets the kids moving and shaking while teaching them about chemical reactions. Gather two plastic zip bags for each child. 1 bag should be gallon size, the other quart. To the quart size bag add 1 cup of half and half, 2 tbsp. of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. To the gallon size bag add enough ice to fill the bag up halfway and ½ a cup of rock salt. Place the ingredient bag inside the ice bag and seal. Then allow your kids to let loose and shake the bags until the mixture hardens. As you spoon out the ice cream explain how the chemical reaction of the ice and salt helped to form an edible treat. They will surely be amazed.

Bagel Crisp Recipes We Love

November 19, 2014


If you enjoy a morning bagel for breakfast each day, you’ll love bagel crisps. Bagel crisps are not only a delicious snack that is a great alternative to potato chips, but they are enjoyable anytime throughout the day. With these delicious and easy recipes, you can make bagel crisps in many different ways and never look at snacking the same way again.

Prepping Your Bagel Crisps

To begin making your own delicious bagel crisps recipes, you will need to start with crisps that are available in a variety of flavors. Once you’ve chosen your particular type, choose from a wide array of toppings that quench your current craving. Bagel crisps are an excellent platform for creating exciting new snacks.

Salted Bagel Crisps

Salted bagel crisps are perfect for just about any topping. If you love the taste of sweet and salty, you’re in for a real treat. Try out New York Style Original Sea Salt Bagel Crisps with toppings such as lox and cream cheese, mascarpone and fruit or melted cheese and pizza sauce. For something a little sweeter, bagel crisps are wonderful for dipping in chocolate fondue.

Bread Alternative

Your favorite sandwich can be quickly transformed to an opened face and crispy delight by adding your favorite meat or salad toppings on bagel crisps. Try chicken salad or a BLT for a quick and simple lunch.

Cinnamon Bagel Crisps

Craving something sweet? Try New York Style Cinnabon Bagel Crisps. These crisps can be topped with cream cheese, or just a simple sliver of butter. You’ll love the taste that is similar to raisin bread.

Cheese and Fruit Bagel Crips

Take your brunch to the next level with a bagel crisp recipe that will entice the palate. Spread a thin layer of cheese onto each bagel crisp and top with a tangy fruit, such as a pear or mandarin orange.

Delicious Garlic and Veggie Bagel Chip Dip

While bagel crisps are great on their own, dips make them even more satisfying. A garlic and veggie dip is perfect for almost any type of bagel crisp. This dip is also easy to make. Just combine cream cheese, sour cream, minced garlic, sundried tomatoes, chopped olives, chives, and lemon juice. This dip provides a great snack and can be served at a party or other gathering.

Tasty Yogurt Dip

Yogurt dip is the perfect accompaniment for sweeter bagel Crisps. Simply mix yogurt, margarine, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Then mash chopped apples into the dip until it is slightly chunky. Chill until ready to serve.