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5 Great Snacks That Pair Well with Beer

November 11, 2014


While the variety of beer available gets larger and larger, the snacks that are perfect for pairing have gone up in number as well. Gone are the days of a simple bowl of salty nuts and pretzels. Snack foods that are perfect for parties have reached new heights and incorporate a full spectrum of foods from quick finger foods to hot and spicy treats.

Chicken Wings: Wings are a great snack food that you can put out at parties and pair nicely with light beers. Wings come in a variety of flavors and sauces that range from mild to extremely spicy. A cold drink of beer right after a few wings is perfect for putting out the fire. Serve wings that you know your guests will love, and not wings that are so hot they will result in tears.

Bruschetta: This tasty treat keeps things light so you can enjoy a stout without feeling full too fast. Bruschetta is easy to make and only involves a few simple ingredients. Start with a crispy panetini crust, like the variety found at New York Style, and top with your choice of tomato and oil, soft cheese and veggies. You can even create bruschetta as simple as a slice of tomato topped with a basil leaf and bit of garlic.

Nachos: A pile of nachos among friends is a perfect paring for light or amber beer. Nachos give you a little bit of everything in one sitting. In each bite, you’ll get a delicious burst that takes you from salty to savory to spicy. Cool your taste buds down with ale that has a fresh crisp taste, served with a slice of lime.

Nuts: The quintessential beer and snack pairing would have to be beer and nuts. But these days, it’s not just nuts from a can. Nuts are now spiced, candied and paired together in mixes that add a flavor boost to this traditional snack food. For hot and spicy nuts, choose your favorite type and toss in a mixture of oil, brown sugar and cayenne pepper. Easily roast nuts on a baking sheet for about 5 minutes or until the glaze starts to appear golden brown. You can create sweet nuts in a similar way by substituting cayenne pepper with cinnamon.

Jalapeno poppers: Another perfect pair that brings the heat but surrenders to a light ale is the jalapeno popper. This snack food is lightly breaded and filled with cream cheese. It has a knack for making you think it’s not hot, when it actually is. Paired with a simple light ale will give you just the right amount of chill to extinguish the flames.

While traditional beer snacks are simple, the possibilities of pairing snack foods with your favorite beer become endless but exciting as more and more varieties of beer come on the market.