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3 Reasons Why a Bagel Crisp Beats a Potato Chip

June 4, 2013

3 Reasons Why a Bagel Crisp Beats a Potato Chip

3 Reasons Why a Bagel Crisp Beats a Potato Chip

Potato chips used to be all the rage among snack lovers. Now bagel crisps and other types of chips are winning the flavor race. Let us give you three reasons why our New York Style® bagel crisps are better than potato chips.


Spoiler alert! One reason has to do with ice cream—yes, ice cream!


1. Durability
Yes, potato chips and dip is a popular combination, but it’s also a frustrating mix. Chips are thin and break easily. Not an ideal structure for a hefty dip. Potato chips break off in even the thinnest of dips.


Bagel crisps, however, can meet any dip challenge. And their flavor mixes well with many types of dip. Use bagel crisps to dip in salsa, chili con queso, spinach dip and more!


2. Versatility
Can you crumble potato chips in your salad? You could, but you’d probably ruin your salad. Bagel crisps can serve as a terrific side to a salad, or you can crumble the crunchy crisps over top of your salad in place of croutons. Now that is convenient. No need to buy croutons and chips—just buy bagel crisps.


You can even pair bagel crisps with ice cream! Try that with your potato chips. Tempt yourself with these yummy bagel crisp ice cream sandwich treats on our Facebook page and then make your own.


3. Less Fat
Not only do bagel crisps fill you up faster than potato chips, but compared to many brands of potato chips, our New York Style bagel crisps have less fat. In fact, our mini bagel crisps have 50 percent less fat and 18 percent fewer calories than the leading potato chip.


At New York Style, we also think that the authentic New York bagel flavor in our crisps—mini and regular size—beat out boring old potato chips every time. What do you think?


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